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Banners, HTML5, Rich Media, User Interaction

DoubleClick Studio Certified in HTML5 and Flash
Dead-line slayer.

Click for even more banners in HTML5 and something called Flash.

Banners. Rich media banners, expanding, video user interaction. Design and resizing.
ActionScripting in html, javaScript, CSS. Greensock, TweenLite, AS 2, AS 3, scripted and timeline animation. Coding for MediaMinds, DoubleClick and other banner traffic applications. Game and quiz interactions.

Year Creation : 2000-2015
Client's Name : Ad Agencies, mostly in NY City
Web Category : Advertising
Contribution : Development, Design, Asset Management & Client contact


This is what the client of the project said

"It has be wonderful working with Luke, his knowledge and patients made our complex project get in on time."

He brought it and made it happen.

Karen B. -New York Ad Agency (references on request)

This is just a sample Rich Media Banners I have built

Complexity made to behave.