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Presentation to drive employee recrutment.
Partnered with Cossette-Post N. America. Designed for three different audiences,
New York version shown here.

McGraw-Hill promotion, see the Flash version

McGraw-Hill presentations build in flash with video and download forms.

Inovative sliding desktop moves to position depending on the navigation inputs.

Used to increase recruitment for McGraw Hill. Released on the web and on DVD.

Year Creation : 2010
Client's Name : Cossette-Post NY
Web Category : Company Promotion
Contribution : Development, Design


This is what the client of the project said

"This presentation was developed with Luke's programing skill but his smooth animations took it over the top. "
Bill H. -Cossette-Post

Bill H. -Cossette-Post

This is one of several Informational Presentations I have built

It is worth the investment to put your best face forward, more so for recruitment purposes.