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Experimental JavaScript Interface

jQuery, and greensock javaScript libraries made these testing and
experiments happen, bootstrap.css too. Partnered with myself.

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Experimental css and java script interface. I wanted to test the robustness of the new greensock animation plug-in and how it compared to the flash classes. My verdict is wow, it is great.

TimeLineLite allows developers to create virtual timelines that can have tweens added and removed. It can even play backwards. Very exciting text animation effects are eye catching additions to web sites and advertisements.

Year Creation : 2013
Client's Name : Luke Dohner
Web Category : Experimental Navigation and Animation
Contribution : Development and Design


This is what the developer of the project said

"The greensock classes allow with jQuery and bootstrap.css make these libraries the future of front end design, I recommend theses to all my clients "

Luke D. -myself

This is one of several Front End Projects I have built

This is what makes working with code so interesting and great fun.